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A few for Mac…

March 14, 2010

Despite its ever creeping allure, I’d managed for years to avoid the internet as anything more than a tool for research and a necessity at work. In January 2009 circumstances were such that I found myself tumbling head first into an online world that was far more diverse and interconnected than I had imagined, and one of the first people I tumbled into was Mac Tonnies.

George P. Hansen in his book The Trickster and the Paranormal describes a steady process of disenchantment overtaking the world. The forces of scientism have gathered en masse to turn over every hidden rock and shine their dirty lights into every darkened corner to assure that no remnant is left of the enchantment that once held us all together. If they are successful, no sense of mystery, no purpose beyond mechanistic technique, and no worth outside of efficiency will be left to warm our sense of life. Mac was one of those avant garde souls willing to take the plunge into the rationally irrational and continue a journey that so many creative folks have long since abandoned.

Through just a few brief conversations on Twitter and some time spent reading his blog, Posthuman Blues, Mac re-introduced me to Asemic writing, a whole host of websites, resources, and creative individuals and most importantly reawakened a sense of wonder and curiosity that had  been slowly atrophying for years.

As a kid I’d been fascinated by UFOlogy, and through Mac I discovered an entire realm of inquiry that lead far beyond the alien’s and advanced technology I was familiar with growing up. In light of this I added a couple of Mac inspired illustrations to the digital art project I was working on at the time, The Eyeless Owl.  I’ve reproduced those tender scrawlings here in honor of Mac and in hopes that his curiosity continues to inspire everyone who comes across his work to forge ahead, beyond the enchanted border into those liminal states where truth and mystery are irrevocably intertwined.

David B. Metcalfe

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  1. March 17, 2010 1:30 pm

    I’m totally in love with these pictures!! Also, thank you for sharing what difference Mac made in your life.

    Your words regarding Mac’s fearlessness regarding the rationally irrational ring very true, and I think you speak for a lot of us here when you say that he inspired you to think about things that had faded from your interest for a time.

    I hope you will share with us if another bout of Mac-inspired creativity comes your way!

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