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In Which Two MacBots Meet At H+ Because Of Another

June 13, 2010

How Mac would love to witness what occurred
Today In Cambridge, when two of his friends
Who’d never met before somehow were spurred
To come together through something which transcends
A normal way of meeting. One’s Tweetdeck
Was running, and, since I’ve tweeted a lot
Today, my photo — really just a speck,
A thumbnail! — showed up there; another got
The shock of recognition — hey, that’s Kate! —
And felt at home that way. And now they’ve met,
TransAlchemy and BlazingBetta. Great!
HumanityPlus now can only get
More awesome with them meeting there. I find
I’m jealous, though I’m there within my mind.

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  1. June 14, 2010 11:11 pm

    Amazing, Kate… your face IS home to me!!! I can send you some material from the weekend so you can fill yourself in on the goodness..!

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